Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations 12″ Memory Foam Mattress (review)

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

This product was our favorite we reviewed. Customers found the mattress firm and supportive yet extremely comfortable. For the price point, this is an excellent option for a memory foam mattress.

Sleep Innovations offer a wide range of mattresses in a choice of different thicknesses and materials. Their memory foam models include two and three-layer styles using both gel and open-cell foam. One of the most popular choices, offering a good balance of price and comfort, is the 12-inch SureTemp mattress which we review here.


The 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress can be bought to suit the most popular bed sizes. There are six different sizes available:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King



This mattress is made up of two layers of foam. The base is 9.5 inches thick and made from high-density support foam. This gives the mattress a solid foundation as well as enough spring to remain comfortable on a slatted or steel-framed bed. The thick base means it’s quite tolerant of more widely spaced slats and won’t easily sag between them.

On top of the base is a 2.5-inch layer of memory foam. In this case, it’s Sleep Innovations’ own SureTemp open cell foam, which has thicker and springier cell walls. Sleep Innovations rate this mattress as medium firmness.


The cover is neat and closely fitted, giving the mattress a very tidy appearance and making it easy to make up the bed. It’s a poly-cotton blend, which feels cool and allows a good amount of airflow in and out of the mattress. This helps reduce heat retention in the mattress. It also feels comfortable through a sheet, but we wouldn’t recommend using this model without a mattress protector. Unlike some covers it isn’t supposed to be removed – there is a zipper, but the warranty pamphlet states that removing the cover will void the warranty – so it’s not possible to wash it. Sleep Innovations say it can be spot cleaned as needed, but it’s better to add an extra layer to keep it clean in the first place.


Although marketed as a medium, this is quite a firm mattress. It’s softer than the LinenSpa models but still provides a lot of support. Overall users were extremely happy with the level of comfort, finding a good balance of giving and support. Although there is only a single layer of memory foam it’s relatively thick and gives enough depth to conform well to the body without coming into contact with the firmer base layer. The mattress also stands up well to use and doesn’t develop soft spots.

One point that several people commented on was how well this mattress insulated sleepers from any movement by their partners. We think this is down to the thickness of the memory foam layer and the strong cell structure of the foam itself. Either way, it’s great if you have a restless partner; your chances of getting an undisturbed night’s sleep are greatly improved.


Many people are wary of memory foam mattresses because of their reputation for trapping body heat, but newer models have far fewer problems in this respect; manufacturers have explored various options to improve heat transfer, most of them using better ventilation. Like many others Sleep Innovations use open cell foam in their mattresses. Unlike closed-cell foam, which traps air, open-cell foam allows heated air to flow away from your body and keeps you cooler even on a warm night.

The poly-cotton cover on this model seemed to help with air circulation and most people found the ventilation perfectly adequate, but some reviewers did comment that it can become slightly warm. On the other hand, others found it stayed more or less at room temperature, so this may be a personal preference issue. Sleep Innovations rate it as having a Neutral sleep temperature, compared to the Cool/Optimal rating of some other models.


Sleep Innovations mattresses are made with US-manufactured foam which is treated to be non-allergenic and resistant to dust mites. It arrives vacuum packed, making for a very compact package, but will need several hours – we would recommend a full day – to expand to its full thickness. There may also be a chemical aroma when the packaging is removed; this is normal and will dissipate quickly.

This mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty.


If you like a very firm mattress the 12-inch Sleep Innovations version loses out slightly to its LinenSpa rival, which also has the advantages of three-layer construction – giving an extra 1.5 inches of memory foam in total – and a slightly lower price. For most people, this one will probably be slightly more comfortable, though. The 20-year warranty doesn’t quite match Lucid’s 25-year cover but it’s still generous. Overall this is a very good mattress at a very good price.

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