Sleep & Health Relief With Memory Foam

My second biggest complaint about mattress retailer websites (the first being lack of detailed mattress specifications) is that they make customers believe that everyone will benefit from sleeping on memory foam. Let me explain. Most such websites have a list of general memory foam benefits: it’s temperature-sensitive, it ensures deep, restful sleep, it helps with many health-related conditions, etc.

First of all, these are GENERAL memory foam benefits and retailers and manufacturers cleverly avoid mentioning whether THEIR memory mattresses have these particular benefits or not. For example, does THEIR memory foam topper help with hip pain? Do THEIR memory toppers respond to body temperature? It’s easy for them to make a list of general foam benefits whether their product delivers or not. It pays to be skeptical.

Second of all, 9 out of 10 such websites ignore the issue of individual comfort. For each and every one of these benefits, I would add an IF or DEPENDS at the end. No two people are alike. Memory foam won’t provide restful sleep and won’t alleviate health conditions for everyone who sleeps on them. If mattress retailers won’t manage your expectations realistically, it’s up to you to do it for yourself.

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