Latex Mattress Buyers Guide

    • Natural latex mattresses are constructed using natural latex, which is the milky sap from the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis). These trees are cultivated on plantations in South Asia, South America, Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, providing jobs for numerous indigenous people.
    • Latex is a sustainable material, derived from a carefully maintained renewable resource.
    • Latex is produced by frothing the rubber sap, pouring it into a mold, which is vulcanized to create 6″ “buns”, which are used for mattress cores, or cut into 2″ or 3″ toppers.
    • On top of being Eco-friendly and biodegradable, a latex mattress supplies a superb sleeping surface, relieving pressure points with outstanding, gently conforming support.
    • Sleep Natural. Sleep Healthy. Latex Mattress Factory Direct Pricing
  • A latex mattress provides consistent support that alleviates the pressure points and sagging common to coil inner-spring mattresses. The natural latex mattress is clearly a wonderful choice for the consumer and for the environment.
  • Latex is well know as the most durable mattress or topper material, with most latex mattresses having warranties of 20 years.
  • A great starting point to experience the benefits of latex is the latex topper. A latex mattress topper fits easily on top of your existing mattress to provide a wonderfully conforming sleeping surface that relieves pressure points. As many mattresses contain toxic fire-retardants, a latex mattress topper provides a safer, chemical free layer on the top of any type of mattress.

Do You Need a Latex Mattress?

The average person will spend 25 years of their lifetime sleeping. That is a long time to spend on a uncomfortable mattress. Maybe you’ve thought, I can sleep on anything, or my mattress is a simple necessity, that I replace when it has become too uncomfortable. Wouldn’t a better choice be a mattress that sends you off for a busy day refreshed, relaxed and enjoying all the benefits of sleeping soundly!

Latex Mattresses Sale

OK…clearly you’ve thought about your mattress enough to begin investigating a latex mattress, so you’re already on a path that can lead led you to a mattress that will change you’re definition of a good night’s sleep! If you’re already sleeping on a latex mattress, you might be thinking about upgrading to a 100% natural Talalay latex mattress, first introduced by Latex International back in 2003. Oh, how are we so familiar with that time frame? FoamSource was one one of the first 5 companies chosen by Latex International to begin marketing this new product, the most desirable natural latex material, and still very limited in availability.

Sleep problems have become an epidemic in the high stress, workaday, modern world. Sleeping less disrupts your ability to function optimally in both your personal and professional relationships, and is tied to a myriad of others problems, including obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

At FoamSource, we want to let you know that your mattress, unless you are already sleeping on latex, can be so comfortable that you will actually look forward to slipping under your covers for many years to come. Why not enjoy the luxury of a beautiful addition to your bedroom? Natural latex mattresses are dust-mite resistant, hypo-allergenic, relieve pressure points, and will serve you well for 20 years. We truly “want your family to sleep as well as ours”.

We’ve devoted yourselves to creating online resources that will guide you –

  • Who are the most reputable latex manufacturers.
  • What you must know when reading an Oeko-Tex Certificate.
  • Choosing the perfect firmness, including split firmness for couples.
  • How to properly design support layers, particularly important for both for lighter and heavier than normal sleepers.

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