Memory Foam Samples

How to Get Free Memory Foam Samples

A memory foam mattress can cost several thousand dollars, making it one of the most important buys you’ll ever make — if you decide that visco memory foam mattresses are indeed for you.

A sample of memory foam is no substitute for in-depth research of your own into beds or mattresses but they may give you some idea about how visco elastic foam feels and reacts to you and your sleeping environment.

Who Gives Away Free Memory Foam Samples

Surprisingly, only two major Visco foam manufacturers offer to send out free samples to consumers. Most free visco elastic foam samples come from online retailers.

While Visco memory foam samples are nice to receive, there are a few things to remember:

  • Most retailers fail to specify some or all of the following about the viscoelastic memory foam sample they mail out (density, ILD ratings and/or whether it’s the heat-responsive type, etc)
  • With manufacturers, you’re guaranteed that any memory mattress you may purchase from them is made of the same visco foam as the sample they sent. The same cannot be guaranteed for smaller retailers.
  • Viscoelastic foam samples sent out may be too small to allow accurate judgment over performance, feel and other features. They can only act as general indications.

Tips For When Requesting Viscoelastic Foam Samples

Asking for a free Visco elastic memory foam sample is a useful step in your buying process. Here are some things you can do with them:

  • You can judge customer service by how quickly the viscoelastic foam sample is shipped and delivered.
  • You can compare different brands and types of Visco memory foam first-hand — smell, feel, color and texture can all be observed in your own home. If time is not an issue, you can observe if and how the Visco foam changes over time (say 6 months or more).
  • You can perform some home experiments of your own to test the quality of the viscoelastic memory foam. For some ideas, read our article Three Ways To Test Visco Elastic Foam Quality. A word of warning though, samples may be too small for some tests. Improvise as you see fit.

Where To Ask For Memory Foam Samples

Tempur-Pedic (manufacturer) – Lexington-based Tempur-Pedic is a major Visco memory foam manufacturer. They’ve been sending out Tempur foam samples for years.

The form you must fill in to receive the free sample requires you to provide essential information (name, address, email, phone number) as well as optional answers to three questions relating to your sleeping habits.

Tempur-Pedic no longer offers free viscoelastic foam samples in the UK.

  • Sensus (manufacturer) – Foamex makes the well known Sensus Visco memory foam. The Technical section on their website mentions the possibility to request a sample but no indication is made on whether this option is available for consumers or industrial partners. It’s worth sending an email or giving a call to the number provided to check.
  • Foam Order (retailer) – Foam Order sends out viscoelastic foam samples only to addresses in the US. The form requires you to provide only essential information (name, address, telephone, email).
  • Vitality Web (retailer) – Vitality Web does not send out samples for free. A shipping and handling charge of $3.50-8.00 must be paid but that can be carried over and used to pay for a visco memory foam pillow at a later date. To receive the viscoelastic foam sample, add it to your basket as you would with any other product.
  • Memory Foam Source (retailer) – Bergad may not be sending out free samples of their Isoform Visco foam but this retailer does. The form requires you to provide essential information (name, address, telephone, email) as well as optional answers to two questions relating to your sleeping habits. The Isoform viscoelastic foam sample also comes with a brochure.
  • Foam Fabric Bedding (manufacturer) – No special form is set up for requesting a free viscoelastic memory foam sample from Foam Fabric Bedding. You must call their phone number and specify ‘memory foam’ as the type of foam you’re interested in. According to their website, larger-sized samples are charged a nominal fee.
  • Sleep Aid (manufacturer) – Sleep Aid offer 4 x 3 x 1 (inch) viscoelastic foam samples (5lb density). The form requires you to provide essential information (name, address, telephone, email) as well as optional answers to two questions relating to your shopping habits.

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