Pros And Cons Of Egg-Crate And Visco Toppers Compared

Pros And Cons Of Egg-Crate And Visco Toppers Compared

Visco memory foam toppers are certainly the darling of the bed industry while egg-crate pads are seen by many as basic and cheap. But are those opinions justified? A visco foam topper vs egg-crate pad comparison reveals both pros and cons. Let’s look at the most important ones. You can use our topper comparison tool to compare 5 types of mattress toppers side-by-side.

Benefits Comparison

Advantages of Visco Foam Topper Technology

  • Relieves pressure and enhances deep sleep by reducing pressure points, increasing comfort level, and reducing night time movement.
  • Conforms precisely to your body, distributes weight, improves circulation, and allows your blood to flow more freely.
  • Has the ability to react to body temperature and soften accordingly.
  • You don’t sink right through a high-density viscoelastic foam topper nor do you risk bottoming out.
  • The visco foam dampens shock and absorbs the motion.
  • The lifespan of 2-5 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Advantages of Egg-Crate Foam Pads

  • Very good price and availability (almost all drug stores and furniture stores have it).
  • A convoluted surface allows better weight distribution and air circulation, so you don’t get too hot during sleep.
  • Better sleep experience due to spinal alignment and pressure relief.
  • Very light and easy to set up, transport, and move.

Drawbacks Comparison

Drawbacks of Visco Foam Pads

  • High-quality visco foam mattress toppers like Tempurpedic’s overlays are quite expensive.
  • Can get uncomfortably warm during sleep.
  • Because of the melting weightlessness feeling it induces, memory foam requires an adjustment period.
  • May have a strong odor when new.

Drawbacks of Egg-Crate Toppers

  • Short life span (the convolutions lose their body in less than one year and become too soft, even if they look fine for a lot longer).
  • Very difficult to clean because of the irregular surface.
  • May cause allergies and toxic reactions if not made of medical-grade urethane.
  • They offer no support by themselves (since they are so soft and light) and need a firm mattress underneath to be truly supportive.

Customer Opinions

The surface of it is rather hard, almost slab-like; while everything advertised about the way it conforms to your exact body is true, it just didn’t have that “ahhh, there’s my sweet comfy bed” feeling. Believe me, we tried hard to work up a little love for the poor thing, but we just weren’t feeling it.

My wife now sleeps through the entire night. It did not heal her back, it just provides great support to assist her in obtaining a good night’s sleep. The material forms/molds to the body like a parent holding an infant child.

I tried an egg crate mattress recently with my 9 mo. because she refluxes and has a hard time sleeping. I thought it might help her. It did!

The only advantage of an egg crate design is a weight savings — a non-issue in beds.

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