Visco Foam Pillows Versus Buckwheat Pillows Health Concerns

Neck Support

Proper head and neck support are one of the major criteria when buying the right pillow, so we’ll start by saying that both types of pillow offer good support (visco foam can do that as long as it is dense and firm enough, while buckwheat hulls perform best when are not torn or too crowded in the cover).

But first, here’s what you must know about home trials and what makes good buckwheat pillows.

Pressure Relief

Another important criteria for choosing a pillow is the pressure exerted on your body, measured in mmHg. We already know that a good visco foam pillow like a Tempur-Pedic comfort pillow has a measurement of around 15 mmHg (which is very good by known medical standards).

Unfortunately, we could not find any pressure indicators for buckwheat hull pillows. Since hulls move around in the pillow to take the exact shape of your head and neck, any pressure exerted by them on your body would almost certainly be within the best medical recommendations.

Doctor Recommendations

  • Medical benefits of these pillows are still subject to debate and testing. Even though all pillow manufacturers and distributors are confident that their products can help with various sleep disorders and musculoskeletal conditions the truth is that no pillow can cure anything. They can help, however, ease the pain and add to the comfort of your sleep, depending on condition, pillow type and quality.
  • Many customer say in their reviews that a Tempur-Pedic neck pillow has helped with apnea. There is no solid evidence to back this up, which is why doctors are still skeptical about recommending or not memory foam pillows.
  • Unfortunately, relevant studies regarding buckwheat hull pillows are also lacking. There are doctors and customers, however, who say on several sites and forums that this type of pillow can help improve common sleep problems such as muscle pain, stiff neck, snoring, menopausal ‘hot flashes’, torticolis and stress.
  • Another praised ‘medical’ use of the buckwheat pillow is to reduce pain by cooling it in the fridge and then applying the pillow on the aching area.

Allergy and Pillow Choice

  • Unfortunately, there are no regular allergy-free pillows (except for the ones manufactured especially for people suffering from allergies). Memory pillows can host dust mites, even though foam is not a source of food in itself, nor does it promote their nesting, due to the extremely dense cell structure.
  • Buckwheat hulls on the other hand, are very tough, and are not a good feeding source for pests and dust mites. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t host them.
  • On the other hand, since buckwheat is not a grain, people with grain allergies are not generally bothered by hulls. Allergic reactions to buckwheat hulls are unlikely (1 to 5% of the Earth’s population suffers from this rare form of allergy, according to specialists) and can be avoided if dust and flour is completely removed from the hulls before they’re introduced in the pillow.

Customer Opinions

I have been a fibromyalgia sufferer for years. One of the best things that I have found to help me sleep better is the Bucky Pillow. While it may not look like a normal pillow (because it isn’t) it is the only pillow I’ve ever had that helps me sleep on those nights I actually can sleep. It doesn’t make sleep come on our bad nights, but it greatly enhances sleep on those nights that we do actually get some restful sleep.

If you are a light sleeper who moves a lot, like I am, you do a good bit of readjusting the pillow at night.

The mattress feels firm, but in a pleasant way. Because it molds, its firmness is a softened firmness. And by the way, it molds, it doesn’t sink. It is perfect support and comfort for me.

Years ago a Japanese friend suggested I try sleeping on a buckwheat pillow to help control my chronic headaches. It took a bit of getting used to the feel of the pillow, but it really worked for me. So when my mother recently began complaining about neck pain, especially in the mornings, I gave her my pillow and ordered a new one for myself. This is a good investment. The pillows last a long time and really help for a good night’s sleep.

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