Why Some People Return Their Memory Foam Mattresses

We have read countless opinions from people who own memory foam mattresses and on the topic of returns, a vast proportion of all returns seem to be in some way related to heat complaints. Most reported returns occurred within the first two weeks of their home trial (if they have gone for a home trial). Basically, if someone has a problem related to memory foam feeling too hot, that’s when it’s most likely to occur. But there is something every buyer should know.

Unless you’re already used to sleeping on a memory mattress, sleeping on memory foam mattresses for the first time will likely feel hotter, or at least warmer. But only some people will have problems sleeping on this type of mattress.

Memory mattress buyers generally fall into three groups:

  • People who don’t have problems sleeping on a memory foam mattress, even if it may feel warmer than their current bed.
  • People who have problems sleeping in a warmer environment but can adjust if they stick with the mattress for about a month.
  • People who have problems sleeping in a warmer environment but no matter how much time they give it, their body chemistry will never adjust enough to be comfortable sleeping on a warmer visco elastic mattresses.

This classification is based on the many owner opinions we have read online over the years. Because of the unique nature of the material they’re made of, it’s likely that this classification will apply to top brands and other less known brands as well.

Unfortunately, while group 3 is the smallest of the three, they are also the most outspoken because foam mattresses turned them into unhappy customers. This accounts for the large number of complaints we have found related to memory foam beds being too hot as opposed to customers coming forward to confirm that it is not the case.

It’s impossible to tell whether you will adjust to sleeping on memory foam without trying a Tempur-Pedic mattress out first. Memory foam beds may or may not be your best choice.

If you really like the feel of a visco memory mattress and truly feel that it will give you better sleep, then don’t eliminate it as your choice until you’ve given it a fair trial. And even if it does feel a little hot, there are counter-measures that may offset the problem.

Basically, most memory foam heat-related returns reported online seem to occur because people are not told beforehand that it may take a while for them to adjust to the new sleeping surface. They may give the mattress two nights or a week and then cancel their free home trial and send it back but few can say whether it would have still been a problem if they had given it longer.

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